Our Services

What We Provide

Sustainability Consultancy

We adore design and placing sustainability at the centre brings us great joy. Diving into solutions which range from materials and products, to the value chain gives us a rich understanding of opportunity areas to develop.

Our experience directly informs our clients to help them develop strategies that are relevant to the environmental and social needs of tomorrow. At a time when consumers, employees, businesses and investors have an unprecedented interest and alignment with positive social and environmental impacts, First Child Productions creates bespoke sustainability solutions and events that deliver and connect to a unique and powerful positioning.

Ethical Brand Strategy & Management

We work intimately with our clients to create comprehensive internal and external communication and brand strategies, focusing on purpose and value with a sustainable message. We develop honest, real narratives and visions that not only deliver financial performance, but also demonstrate a positive contribution to society. We serve clients by enhancing and showcasing their business activities positively, and by providing ongoing brand management services to ensure continuity for clients.

We put strategy at the heart of the brand management process, so our clients gain the benefits of competitive advantage, company growth and increased brand engagement and build their brands.

Coaching & Personal Development

For First Child, Coaching is an active process that stimulates thinking, insights, and importantly action. Self-directed, and interwoven into our E3 method, we create the right route together with our clients. Now is your time to take the moment, open up your mind to dreams, possibilities and options available to you. Doing is the act.

With our coach we provide tailored one-to-one sessions to create breakthroughs (both professionally and personally). The process then supports the action that is required to see this through to completion. Teams also need facilitating and coaching through tough times, to times of opportunity – we say “dare-to-dream” and help this become a reality. Talent is the core of any sustainable business and we help unlock the potential within.

Eco Experience Creation

With unrelenting drive and expertise we support and deliver sustainable experiences and create high-impact eco events. These events receive strategic media coverage to amplify our client’s campaigns, products and message. We create emotional connections between clients and their target audience(s), providing compelling reasons for further growth and investment. In fact, we have developed an innovative sustainable event programme, crammed with insight and forward-thinking to help our clients remain not only revenant, but trailblazing.

Moving mountains is what we do, using market knowledge to compliment our client’s campaigns and strategies to deliver experience with enthusiasm and passion.