Our Philosophy

First Child Beliefs

Sustainable from conception, First Child Productions’ work helps to shift the dial and give a new generation of conscious consumers fresh and compelling reasons to invest – emotionally and financially – in the brands and missions of our client. Our mission is to distil our know-how, expertise, enthusiasm and talent into client campaigns, strategies and programs that bring real and substantive change. Our Philosophy is rooted in our mission. You can expect us to…


Our foundations are rooted in making a positive impact – from our business practices to our production methods, to working with like-minded suppliers. It’s all about responsibility – in everything we do.


Innovation is the cornerstone of positive change. So, we love finding new ways of doing things. Different ways. Better ways. Then, we pass all that learning on to our clients.


We’re not about fluff, or small-talk, or making promises we can’t keep. We’re all about openness, honesty and forging relationships that operate on trust. We’re always transparent in our working methods and make sure our clients are in the know every step of the way.


We take pride in our achievements and expertise. We’re proud of our beliefs. Of our track-record. Of our ability to perform when the heat is on.


Great doesn’t come easy. It requires hard work and passion but most importantly it requires a great team. A team of people that share our vision, values and aims. A team that’s positive.


We operate with an honor code, with integrity and dedication to our craft. We believe in a better way, in doing our work properly, with honor. It is a core value and a characteristic we’re fiercely protective of.