New Thought Piece: Opportunity and Despair

We find ourselves in a challenging time, one that not many of us could have predicted or prepared for, and one that moves our minds and thinking into a new, unexplored territory. This territory can be filled with both light and dark – opportunity and despair intertwined.

In recent years, the pace of life has become so fast, uncompromising and unrelenting – the statement “I’m really busy” has become a staple for so many, a badge of honour to state that you’ve a lot on, you’re important. The reality is that we have allowed ourselves to be led by this mantra, to have filled our time so much that we’re chasing more and more, and happily and proudly telling others how busy we are. This has created a lack, or scarcity of ‘time’, not enough time, no time to think, to reflect, to slow down, to create some ‘space to think’. The challenge to pull back from this entrenched behaviour can be extremely tough.

Our present reality has created this space, and, without choice we have been at home, facing an enforced slowdown. Time has suddenly become more available. Time with yourself, time with your family and time alone. With this comes a change in thinking and perspective, perhaps a time to re-focus, re-prioritise and re-think?

For many, it has also taken more time away, working from home and looking after children, supporting family and ensuring their safety while aiming to be as productive as you can in your work, staying motivated and finding a way forward is not always so clear.

Preparing and managing your mindset has never been more important, for performing in your chosen field, but also for your own mental well-ness. The more attention you give to your thoughts, the more you can guide them to where you want them to be. Like any muscle, it takes training, focus and application – it might be the biggest opportunity and battle-ground that we have to face.

Awareness for mental health is growing and rightly so, looking after ourselves and each other has never been so openly discussed, and never been given its rightful place of significance. A guide through this can be one of the most precious resources available, it’s a personal choice to be open and to open up.

We can make this a special time, we can turn the negative to positive, and we can turn the positivity into more productivity and passion. Though, as cultures we are currently going through tough and intense times, we can make a choice on how we react to what we can control. These will be the defining actions of the way forward we choose to walk.

Coaching has an aim to help you guide your own thinking, to support you, to create a safe space for you to think – to enable clarity, focus and action. This can be setting new goals, timings to actions, shining a light on your limiting beliefs to turn them over, and self-directing yourself.

I’ll leave you with a few questions or thoughts to reflect on:
What would be the three words you would use to describe yourself now?
What three words would you want yourself to be described with in the near future?
Are they the same?


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