How to Incorporate Sustainability Into Business Operations

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Just like every other aspect of life, the business has certainly changed in the new century. Sustainability has become one of the key factors, not only in the fashion or designer professions, but all others as well. The preferences of the consumers changed so much that nowadays organizations really value if a company is an advocate of “green business”. However, there definitely are certain areas of business where being sustainable comes slightly easier, but we still have to learn a lot about keeping our business green no matter what. 

When we are talking about Business Process Management and sustainability, it is important to mention that the existing approaches are focusing on environmental benefits. That being said, it is crucial to be careful how you incorporate sustainability into business, as not all methods are equal. Moreover, the way a business is advertised has definitely changed in the last couple of years as online promotion differs a lot from the old-fashioned ways of advertising. Without further ado, these are some of the ways in which you can incorporate sustainability into your business very easily:

Social media

Social media is a very important segment of your advertising and marketing campaign, and every single business needs to invest a lot into their profiles on social networks. However, apart from the fact that it is the best way to advertise your own product or your business as people spend more hours a day next to their phones, using social media as a form of marketing is a great way to show how sustainable your company is. According to the Green Entrepreneur Book, the average office worker in the United States uses up to 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. Apart from that, he also generates approximately two pounds of paper and cardboard produces every single day. One way in which a company will be able to show this issue is to completely turn to e-mail correspondence and sharing documents via different drives, while using social media and different social websites to promote their business without the unnecessary waste of paper on leaflets.

Search engines visibility

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Search engine visibility is one of the most important ways to advertise any product or company nowadays. What many fail to understand is that this area of marketing is much more complex than it seems. Having high search engine visibility is very important for two main reasons. First of all, the attention span of all users is very short, which means that most of them never make it past the second page of the search results. However, in order for a website to appear on the first two pages of any search engine, attention should be paid to the websites that are being used as references. Good references speak plenty of the reputation of that certain company. In order to get this the right way, companies are often suggested to use the most reliable sources. There is a plethora of different books on this topic and, finding a detailed book on SEO that will help a person use the most reliable sources and to carefully recognize them matters a lot. Paying attention to all the details, the relevance of the information that is being used and the actual targeting of the product to a specific niche is detrimental.

Sustainable remodeling

Apart from the regular marketing techniques, business operations can also use remodeling or changing the headquarters of its company as a marketing tool as well. The state of the company, the interior and the exterior design are also quite important, especially to millennials who really pay attention to the way their potential workplace will look. This is why many companies tend to slightly change their appearance, either by creating and building a completely new building or remodeling their existing one. In both cases, sustainability can play a very important role, for many different reasons. First of all, using sustainable materials such as timbercrete will not only do a lot of good to the environment, but it can also attract plenty of positive points in the eyes of the potential employees. Apart from the solar panels and similar things that will help a building produce more power to use, there are also ways in which, using sustainable materials and plants, the aesthetic appearance of a building can be enhanced, making it look green as well.

Encourage “being green” in the office

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The most common association of “being green at work” is recycling and using sustainable materials in the office, and this is definitely something that is the stepping stone in creating a sustainable and environmentally green business. In order to do this in the company, business operations should always be performed in the most environmentally-friendly way possible, starting with recycling and using reusable glasses, mugs, plates, spoons, forks and knives. Encouraging employees to be more “green” is a great way towards creating a great culture of sustainability. Another great way to achieve this is to substitute all the light bulbs in the office to LEDs – they use less energy and last several times longer.

Spreading awareness on this topic is always important, regardless of the business, niche or part of the world where you are. This is something that we, as citizens of the Earth, should do and fight for. Incorporating sustainability in business operations is only one way to start and make this happen. 

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