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At First Child Productions, we are passion about about help our clients better understand how they can add sustainability to their existing brand strategy, meeting standards of business ethics and corporate behaviours, alongside delivering the kind of memorable eco events that become part of our clients’ company legacy. When we say that our sole purpose is to distil our know-how, expertise, enthusiasm and talent into client campaigns, strategies and events to bring real and substantive change, we aren’t exaggerating. We are really passionate about it all, and the incredible work our clients do.

We look forward to sharing more.

Jonathan & Samata

New Thought Piece: Opportunity and Despair

We find ourselves in a challenging time, one that not many of us could have predicted or prepared for, and one that moves our minds and thinking into a new, unexplored territory. This territory can be filled with both light and dark – opportunity and despair intertwined. In recent years, the pace of life has […]

Sustainable events are the future

A new era of sustainability is rising and it’s touching every corner of the world. Green events are a key trend for this year, but they’re destined to become the standard. In an era where everyone can see the direct consequences on a global scale, every event will be scrutinised. Driven in part by consumers, […]

How to Incorporate Sustainability Into Business Operations

Photo by Aliaksei Lepik on Unsplash Just like every other aspect of life, the business has certainly changed in the new century. Sustainability has become one of the key factors, not only in the fashion or designer professions, but all others as well. The preferences of the consumers changed so much that nowadays organizations really […]

How to Promote Your Ethical Brand

At First Child Productions, we like to think we know about what it takes to promote sustainable brands – from our the individual clients to the organisations we represent. We are happy that more people are becoming aware of our planet’s peril, as well as the massive changes that are wreaking havoc on every single […]

Sustainability matters to your clients…be brave, be a hero!

In a recent global online survey, a whopping 81% of global respondents feel strongly that companies should help improve the environment. This passion for corporate responsibility is shared across gender lines and generations. Millennials, Gen Z and Gen X are the most supportive, but their older counterparts aren’t far behind. What’s growing is the boldness […]