About Us

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We are a purpose-led, family run agency, founded by wife & husband team Samata and Jonathan Pattinson. The idea was born (pun intended) with the birth of our first child – who changed everything, (he still does by the way) and inspires our unwavering passion to create positive change in the work we deliver! We believe in a better, more inclusive way to do business, increasing performance, being better everyday and unstoppable in the process.

We love sustainable brand and communication strategy and creating unique eco-experiences working within dynamic industries. We have niche expertise in sustainability, whilst also, providing eco-solutions, local and global, for businesses, individuals and corporations. 

With a global roster of clients, across industries, we deliver innovative experiences, events, brand strategy and management. Performance is also crucial to growth, this is why we provide performance coaching for individuals and teams.  

We operate under responsible business practices with an unwavering vision. Promoted via comprehensive communication strategies & cross-channel storytelling, we steer strategy which delivers both financial performance and benefits of social good for people, and the planet. 

We help brands, businesses and individuals better understand how they can add sustainability to their existing strategies, meeting standards of business ethics and corporate behaviours to drive growth. Some people think we live in uncertain times, at First Child, we know we live in exciting times. 

Over the last decade we have honed specific expertise in experience and event-planning in creating high-profile global events. Our evidence-led narratives and programs of change resonate with our clients, and their audiences. The solutions that we develop are aligned with international best practice and feed into global targets – such as the Sustainable Development Goals – which means the change that we help to activate is real and substantive.

We have developed and engaged with sophisticated, international press-engaging initiatives that allow brands to easily and efficiently communicate their talent and credentials. Our work has also drawn international clients to America, investing in the areas we work. 

We also pioneer female empowerment initiatives and have built a network of global influencers and associated brands who support our cause for developing and highlighting the need for a more inclusive world.