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First Child Productions is a purpose-led and vision-focused agency. We offer impact-driven business strategy which delivers financial performance & benefits to people and the planet. Our unique offer encompasses sustainable brand and campaign strategy, coaching and development, and eco-event experiences. We specialise in smart sustainable solutions for the business, fashion, media and entertainment, sports and talent industry, and have over a decades worth of expertise in the field.


With All That We Do

Our clients – talented individuals, newcomer companies and established brands and organisations – do exciting work in the fields of business, fashion, film, entertainment, sport and environmentalism. Embedded in living and realising passions, we see our clients as extended family. Their goals and imaginative dreams matter, and a labour of love for us when it comes to helping see them realised. As a result, our work ethic is second to none.


Your first child changes everything, it is a truly unique creative time.
They do not have to be your own flesh and blood. They might be the project you poured yourself into, like no other, or the client whose work changed your life and set your imagination alight.

Your first child reveals what you’re made of, and questions what matters most to you. Your first child moves you to re-evaluate your purpose and with precision focus your priorities.

Your first child pushes you out of your comfort zone and shares your life in an unanticipated way.
They depend on you, and you go to bat for them like no one before, with full intensity.

Things are never the same after your first child.

Things are never the same with FIRST CHILD.

We Change Everything.


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Sustainability is the most relevant word on the lips of business leaders around the world, regardless of industry. More than a buzzword or trend, sustainability belongs in the DNA of any successful venture or project, its positive impact – from stakeholder relationships to the bottom line – changes brand perception around the world and drives industry-shifting innovation. First Child Productions understands why sustainability is important, and are able to help our clients apply its importance in unique and dynamic ways.

We operate under responsible business practices with an unwavering vision. Promoted via comprehensive communication strategies & cross-channel storytelling, we steer strategy which delivers both financial performance and benefits of social good for people, and the planet. We help brands, businesses and individuals better understand how they can add sustainability to their existing strategies, meeting standards of business ethics and corporate behaviours to drive growth.


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Without our values, we are nothing. Our values reflect what is important to us as a company, they are our guiding principles. At First Child, our values manifest in our philosophy, and this guides our behaviour. Our clients – from high-net worth individuals and globally impactful organisations, across to the individuals entrusting us through coaching sessions – trust us because we live our values, and we reflect the world as it is today. Diverse and dynamic.




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